Top 5 Restaurants on Palm Jumeirah 2019

Top 5 Restaurants on Palm Jumeirah 2019

Palm Jumeirah is an excellent place to go for dining as you will be provided with extensive choices, eye-popping view, and euphoric experiences.

However, Food at Palm Jumeirah is diverse as you will find all sorts of restaurants offering Japanese, Italian, Indian, Turkish, Lebanese and Mediterranean delicacies along with its full authentic pleasure. 

So, here, we are featuring the collection of Top 5 Restaurants on Palm Jumeirah 2019 where great taste and leisure are fully guaranteed.  

1. Ibn Al Bahr:

Ibn Al Bahr Seafood is widely popular at the Palm Jumeirah which makes this dine worthy place for the tourists.

Ibn Al Bahr Palm Jumeirah

 Although the restaurant is hidden on a small beach of Palm Jumeirah, visitors would not have much trouble finding the location. Food lovers will get an exquisite view of the sea while having the authentic dishes of Lebanon.

 Hence, try their Shrimp cocktail and Shrimp Bisque Seafood soup to warm up your heart with Lebanese temperament. Besides that, you can also go out for a walk by the sea after your meal. 

2. Nobu – Atlantis Palm Jumeirah

Japanese food lovers should visit the Nobu once in their lifetime in order to enjoy its palatable dishes.


This restaurant also serves a visual delight with its subtle décor and lightning. Thus, it creates a calm and soothing atmosphere for its visitors and their families.

Nobu Atlantis Palm menu is widely packed with delicious cuisines including new style Salmon Sashimi, Yellowtail Carpaccio, Tuna Tacos, and Crab Taco, etc.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the live performances of guitarists and singers which make the overall ambiance entertaining.

3. Social by Heinz Beck:

Social by Heinz Beck had brought Italian dining to Dubai and showcased the innovation of contemporary Italian cuisine. Moreover, Social provides their customers splendid atmosphere and live music which makes the dining more enjoyable.

Social by Heinz Beck

However, you may sit at the terrace for romantic dining with your spouse or significant other. You should try their Crispy Octopus dish which is even better than the octopus delicacies served at Barcelona.

Similarly, their Wasabi Crusted Black Cod with Orange and Beetroot dish can be called a champion among all other Italian cuisines.

4. Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café:

Eating experiences always remain unfulfilled if you do not have desserts after your meal. So, Guliyan Belgian Chocolate Café is the best place to treat your sweet tooth!

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café AU

You can try their Avocado Toast which is prepared using mashed Avocado along with the toppings of cherry tomatoes, pesto and feta cheese on bread.

At the same time, you can have their heavenly Chocolate and Hazelnut Pyramid and go crazy with its subtle sweetness.

Guylian will certainly transport you back to your chocolatey days of childhood without any doubt. In short, all their desserts are lovely, well balanced and quite appetizing.

5. 101 Dining Lounge and Bar:

101 Dining Lounge and Bar proudly upholds the exclusive views of the New Dubai skyline. In addition to that, you will get a spectacular view of the seaside and have a romantic dinner with candle lights and live music.

101 Dining Lounge And Bar

Their cuisine is blended with the distinctive elements from the Middle East, Asia, and the Mediterranean region. Thus, this fusion of flavors awakens the palate of many eaters.

 Moreover, you can enjoy quick drinks like champagne and cocktails before your main meals.

If you are looking to make Palm Jumeirah your home, feel free to reach out to me anytime!

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