The Complete Guide On How To Rent A Property In Dubai 2019

The Complete Guide On How To Rent A Property In Dubai 2019

How To Rent A Property In Dubai 2019, Dubai is the home to many different nationalities, which makes Dubai a very tolerant and friendly society for any newcomer to live in comfortably.

However, challenges will occur regarding matters like finding a property to rent in Dubai 2019 for expats and can become a mind-boggling issue for newcomers if they are not well informed.

Renting a property in Dubai 2019 involves a series of regulations that the landlords and tenants are bound to follow.

It is always sensible to make sure you’re fully aware of the steps to rent an apartment in Dubai 2019 so that you can set off in the right direction without any hassles.

Steps To Rent A Property In Dubai 2019:

1- Contact a real estate consultancy

Though you can rent an apartment in Dubai directly from a landlord, still it is a better option to hire a reliable real estate company to do the property hunting for you.

A real estate company can make your life easier, provided the fact that they have the best logistics, information, and experts to do the task on behalf of you. 

2- Check multiple properties

Even if you like the property at once, make sure to check out other properties in the same or different locations, to help yourself make a smart choice.

You will need to ask frequent questions to your agent to squeeze out the right information about the place, and also give out clear feedback about your likes or dislikes.

Every neighborhood in Dubai is enticing in some way or another, but the majority of people have shown keen interest to rent in Dubai Marina, JVC, Business Bay etc
You can find out more information about the 2018 Dubai Real Estate Market Overview Here

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3- Required Documentation For Dubai Rentals

You are required to submit the following documents after your rental offer has been accepted by the landlord:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Residency visa
  • Emirates ID

4- Sign The Contract

Once you pay the security money to your landlord, insist that he give a receipt for this payment. You should attach this receipt along with a copy of the landlord’s passport, in case you ever need to make any claims in the future. 

You will be given the tenancy contract after you have deposited the security money. Make sure that you read each and every term and condition very carefully, and check out if you are comfortable with the proposed regulations, before signing it.

5. Register Tenancy Contract with Ejari:

To rent a home legally in Dubai, you must register your tenancy contract with Ejari. You can submit the documents through a registered typing center (Total cost 195 AED) or online (Total cost 585) through the website. You will also require some documents for this registration:

  •  Original tenancy contract
  • ·Title deed (from landlord)
  • ·Tenant and landlord passport copies
  •  Copy of tenant’s Emirates ID
  • Security Deposit Receipt
  • DEWA Premises Number (Usually found on the door or behind it)

The price of the Ejari Online registration service is AED 365 only, VAT included.
The standard fee is AED195 (offline)
Along with the online fee, you will also be asked to pay for the Certificate registration fee, Ejari license and other charges. The total amount inclusive of RERA and other government charges is AED 585, VAT included. Find a breakdown of costs here:

  • Certificate registration fee: AED 100
  • Ejari license: AED 55
  • Knowledge fee: AED 10
  • Innovation fee: AED 10
  • Typing charges: AED 40
  • VAT: AED 5
  • Online express service + VAT: AED 365 (fully refundable if registered in more than 7 days)
  • Ejari Consultation & Online Support: FREE

6. Register DEWA

Once you have the Ejari number you can register your DEWA

You will be required to pay a refundable deposit for your unit:

  • Apartment
    2000 AED (deposit – refund on leaving)
    110 AED (connection, non-refundable)
  • Villa
    4000 AED (deposit – refund on leaving)
    110 AED (connection, non-refundable)

7. Things you need to check out before moving in:

Finally, your waiting has come to end and now you can move into your rental home at any moment. Before that, check out a few things:

  • Make an inquiry about the previous service charges of your apartment and get in writing that all have been settled by the landlord.
  • Ask about the access points in the building and make sure you are provided with the necessary swipe cards or keys.
  • The landlord should hand over a neat and clean property to you.
  • If you find any cleanliness issues or ill-maintenance of the property, visit your landlord and immediately ask him to get everything fixed before you move in.

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