Eviction in Dubai

Eviction in Dubai

Eviction in Dubai is a REAL thing!
In today’s article we will find out all about that and what are the circumstances that allow a landlord to evict a tenant from his property.
But first let’s start by the Landlords Obligations.

Landlord Obligations

Landlord Obligatios

  • At the start of the lease the landlord needs to handover the vacant premises to the tenant in good condition that enables the tenant to occupy it.
  • The lease should state clearly which party is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the premises.
  • The landlord is responsible for maintaining the premise and shall rectify any defects or faults that affect the tenant’s right of occupation.
  • It is prohibited for the landlord to disconnect services to the premises.

Tenant Obligations

• Pay the rent on the due dates.
• Pay Security Deposit to guarantee and/or cover the condition of the premises at the end
of Lease.
• No alterations, renovations or performing maintenance work without the Landlord’s
permission and, if required, any approval from relevant authorities.
• Return the premises to the Landlord in good condition, with only reasonable wear and
tear. Any dispute over the condition decided upon by the Rental Dispute Settlement
Centre, if no agreement is reached.
• Pay all fees and taxes due for to the utility authorities that benefit the premises, unless
otherwise agreed.
• Not remove any fixtures, unless agreed otherwise by both Landlord and Tenant.


Non-payment of rent (30 day notice);
• Breach of Lease terms (30 day notice);
• Illegal or immoral use of premises;
• Alterations made by Tenant to premises that endangers its safety;
• If the premises are dangerous and likely to collapse (Technical Report from Dubai
• Commercial premises – if Tenant fails to occupy the premises, without legal cause, for 30
days continuously or 90 non-continuous days in one year (unless otherwise agreed).
Landlord must give 12 month Notice of Eviction by Notary Public or Registered Mail:
i. If the Landlord wants to sell the property;
ii. If the Landlord wishes to use the property for his own personal use or direct relatives
(Landlord has burden of proof that he has no other properties for that use);
iii. If the property requires demolition or major renovation that cannot be completed while
occupied by Tenant (Technical Report required).
• If Eviction granted for personal use, property cannot be leased for 2 years (3 for commercial).
• If no legal reason to evict – Tenant has AUTOMATIC right of renewal

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That’s everything you need to know for Eviction and both parties obligations.
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